🎵 The Hugglemonster Way 🎵

I write this blog for many reasons. I write for awareness, and to let people know some of the ups and downs of autism. I try to stay positive and focus on mostly ups, but getting a few downs in there helps to paint a real picture of my unexpected life. I write it for other parents, because whether we have special needs or neuro typical children, we all share that crazy unconditional love for our little ones. I write for my boys, so they can remember the great times we’ve had and the rough times that we’ve overcome. I write for myself, because often people run into me and ask “how are things” and unless they have a lot of coffee, a chair, and a few days… they aren’t really going to find out how things are!
When I first started writing a year ago, I got excited that some of you were following my blog. Your kind words and support encouraged me to keep sharing. A friend sent me a message the other night saying she overheard two mothers at her child’s music group talking about ‘Ashley’s’ blog. She said they were speaking very kindly and she felt that I had truly impacted them based on what she could hear. I run into people that I haven’t seen since high school (which now is over 14 years ago!) that say they think of us often and enjoy following the blog, even though it makes them emotional at times. I’ve heard that I’m brave, and courageous, and strong, and all of these words are so kind and thoughtful of you.
Last night while I was at my moms for our weekly Sunday dinner, she spoke to me after everyone else had left. She told me that she had been approached by a group of people who wanted to help us. They weren’t sure how but they wanted to do something. I tried to keep it together, but those super-power crazy emotions kicked in and I let some of my famous crocodile tears fall. I’m not sure what to say other than we are swelling with emotions at such generosity and kindness. We know people, friends, and family, think of us often and everyone offers to help “if there is ever anything we need”, but Jeff and I are both so very touched by this offer. We are so thankful for the special people we have in our lives and we hope they know how much we appreciate all of their love and support.
Final thoughts: Tonight, before bed Ledger was listening to some music. He was marching around carrying his leap pad up on his shoulder like a boom box. The music is closest to his ears this way and he had a huge smile on his face. It was a song from one of his cartoons he likes to watch. As I danced with him in the living room we giggled and I listened to the lyrics:
“When trouble comes my way
No matter night or day
I know my family’s gonna help
And make it all ok”. 💙

We are so blessed…


Date Night

Friday night, Jeff and I had a date night!  It is something that we don’t get to do very often, so when my mom told me (not asked) she was minding the kids on Friday so we could go out, we jumped at the opportunity.  We looked forward to it, and hoped for no snow so Jeff wouldn’t have to work!  

We decided to go out for dinner and a movie.  I went out earlier in the day to buy myself a new top 🙂 and Jeff went out after lunch to get himself a haircut.  When we were dating, almost every Friday night we went out for dinner and it was great “us” time (we left the partying & dancing with friends for Saturday nights!).  When Jeff came home from getting his haircut, it was like a blast from the past…He walked into the house with a beautiful bouquet of red roses, and said “Happy Date Night”!  It was so thoughtful and it made me realize that he was looking forward to our night out just as much as I was!  

The boys were excited and happy to spend some time with their Nana and we were very grateful to spend sometime with each other.  It’s so important, whether you have children with special needs or not, to dedicate time to each other and your relationship…it’s good for the parents – and the kids – and the grandparents too!