The S word

Hey!  It’s been a while!  I logged in this morning and realized my last post was back in March after our best vacation ever!  Do I have an excuse?  Not specifically. Life is busy – give me a break 😉

So here we are…


September. There I said it!  Usually I am filled with a small bit of excitement, guilt and anxiety as I head back to my classroom each fall. I am anxious of the unknown, I feel guilty for having to leave the kids – especially since Tucker keeps asking me to “stay at Tucker’s house and no go work”, and lastly, excited to see my students again and get back into routine because I really do love my job. This year I have a little more excitement as I start a new position. Still part time, but I’m leaving the middle school and heading down to K/1!  Best of all, it’s still part time and I’m sharing the class with my sister – cool eh??

But I’m not the only one taking on a new job this year. That’s right, Ledger is too. My big boy is heading to Kindergarten!  This week we were lucky enough to go to the school to sit with his teacher, EA, principal, and resource teacher. We discussed some of our concerns and most importantly, put his allergy policy in place.  We left the meeting to pick up Ledger and bring him back to the school. He was able to see his classroom, meet his teacher and meet his EA. He was very calm, and responded well to the new environment. He went for a walk with his EA around the school and she even got one of the world famous Ledger hugs!  I think she’s under his spell already 😍. 

On Wednesday, the special needs bus will be picking up our sweet boy. Mama has to work so Daddy duty is in full force. Don’t worry – he has been given orders on specific photos that need to be taken!  Ledger is starting a new chapter.  I pray it’s not too much for him. I hope the kids are kind. I ask the teachers to be patient and flexible with him. But most importantly I hope he smiles and laughs. He is a fun and loving boy and if he shows this to his new world, everything will be okay. Go get ’em buddy 💙