Our best vacation ever

As we sit here on our couch, watching another movie because we’re trapped inside during another snow storm, I can’t stop thinking about our best vacation ever!  Just over a week ago we spent 7 days in sunny Florida and I truly believe that’s where we are supposed to live! 

So what made it the best vacation ever?  It was full of relaxing family time. For some of you that might sound a little boring but we very rarely get to relax with Ledger. He is always keeping us busy as we need to change activities often due to meltdowns and lack of interest. We spend a lot of time trying different activities that he might like, or buying different toys that he might want to play with a time or two, but normally he shows very little interest. We spend most of our days travelling back and forth in the car going to and from intervention, eating, watching movies, and trying to do small amounts of seat work while working speech and OT exercises into all of the above.  Ledger spends his day pacing through the house with spuratic vocal outbursts. He has emotional mood swings that can change at the drop of a dime. He is constantly looking for food which we feel is usually out of boredom. He has eczema and scratches himself until he is sometimes bleeding which leads to a meltdown due to irritation. 

In Florida, we didn’t see those behaviours like we do here at home. Why you ask?  We asked ourselves too. He was so content. So at peace. Swimming is definitely his thing. He loves it – and he’s really good at it!  He (not kidding!) even smiles underwater!  It is his happy place being outside in the pool. After supper we would walk down to the playground every night where he would play happily on the slides and swings. And bed time? What a blessing…he went to sleep great, and stayed asleep all night!  Minimal vocal outbursts, he wasn’t looking for the snacks that he wants at home and he spent so much time smiling!  When we’d run out for an errand and drive back into the neighbourhood he would let out shrieks of joy in the backseat just knowing that we were heading back to the pool house again!  The combination of sun, fresh air, and exercise was such a great combination. Not just for him, but for all of us 🌴☀️.