Dear ASW

Friday was your last day working with our little boy. We have been with you almost everyday for the past 15 months. You have seen the ups and the downs. The happies and the sads. The gains and, unfortunately, the losses.
The first day we met you were firm and you were bold. I wasn’t sure how Ledger would react to you. I wondered if you would be all work and no fun. I wondered if he would listen to you and if you could help him make any gains. I wondered a lot, and wished even more.
You have been beside him to try to make each day meaningful to him. You helped him with engagement. Everyday you worked with him and did your best to come across more interesting to him than the exciting world that he is so often lost in. You helped him through his first round of kindergarten orientation. Even though we didn’t follow through, it was a good learning experience for him. You helped him to learn about his little brother since you have been his worker since the day Tucker was born. You helped him understand how important it is to be a big brother an how mommy and daddy need to share some of the time that has always been his. You have been such an influence to Ledger in so many ways over the last year.
Picking up Ledger on his last day with you made me realize that he also made quite an impression on you. As you wiped your tears, you told me you were struggling with separating from him. You snuck some change into my pocket and told me to buy him a smoothie, because you know those are his favourite. You gave him a hug, and although he didn’t show it, I felt the connection between the two of you.
Yes, in the beginning I worried and I wondered and I wished, as any mother would. And you did nothing but your very best with our sweet boy. You did such a wonderful job. You were bold. You were fun. You were strict. You were loving. You made a difference in Ledger’s life and for that, we thank you!