Back at it…

Well I’m back to work and have had almost zero time to myself. I thought I’d take a few minutes to update you on what’s been happening with our family lately.

Busy busy busy!! I’m back to work after being off with Tucker for a year and boy is it busy! Thank god I only work three days a week because I’m pretty sure I’d have a mental breakdown if I didn’t. This year, I am working Monday – Wednesday. When I go to work, Tucker goes to a great home on my way and gets to play with another little guy who is only a week older than him! We’re so glad that he gets the socialization with a child his age. He’s happy to be dropped off in the morning (it took a few days of tears haha) and I know that he’s getting great care :).
Ledger’s schedule is busier than ever. For the past 2.5 years, Ledger has been going to intervention every morning from 8:45-12:15. As most of you know, this year he should have started kindergarten. But with an October birthday and his additional issues, we decided to keep him back for the year and give him the most that we could offer. When mama goes to work, Ledger is looked after by his grandmothers. They alternate days and are so helpful to run him back and forth to wherever he needs to be that day! Ledger is still going to intervention on mon, wed and fri mornings, as well as tues and thurs afternoons. This change was made because we got him into a fabulous little preschool program! He has a full aid (thanks to mama filling out quite a bit of paperwork!) and he seems to be enjoying the social setting as well as the letters and numbers.
On Wednesday evenings we have private speech come to our home. She is so patient with Ledger and always tries to find something that will spark his interest. She’s even teaching him some sight words and Ledger’s interest for reading is on the rise!
We also have private occupational therapy coming into our home about once a week. His OT has a ton of energy and it’s contagious! You can tell she has such a passion for working with children and seeing the best in everyone. We’ve been working hard with her to set up the best program for Ledger’s sensory needs so that he can have everything he needs in order to have a great day!
Every other Friday we also have early intervention come to the house. This is a free service (can you believe it!!?!?) through FACE which stands for Family and child education. She comes in for an hour and brings activities for Ledger to do which help him with engagement!
Ledger also just started his Making Waves program again! For 1/2 hr on Sundays he gets one on one swimming with a volunteer med student. This is by far his favourite therapy of all!
At the end of the day some nights he is exhausted, as are we! But he is doing great accepting all of these new people into his everyday activities. In just a few weeks we’ll be heading back to the school to register him for kindergarten again. He wasn’t ready to go this year, and he might not be ready next either, but we’re doing our best to offer him every opportunity to prepare him for next year and the challenges to come.


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