Small steps

Today , Ledger went back to intervention after being away since Thursday. I wasn’t sure how he was going to act but he did great! He seemed excited to be back and even greeted his ASW with a “hi!” followed by her name!
Speaking of names, I’ve been working with him on social cues. This past week our focus has been “what’s your name?” Typically he will echo what I’ve said and then I will prompt him with “my name’s…” Today he didn’t even need the prompt! I said “what’s your name?” And his reply? “My names…Ledger!” Maybe a relaxing night away at the trailer was the perfect remedy for a successful week for this boy. Fingers crossed he keeps it up for the week 💙

He’s enjoying some relaxing time with his leap pad at the trailer 🙂


Special Needs Safety

Today I would like to recognize my city for being helpful and providing some comforting tools for our wandering non verbal boy. Less than three weeks ago, I emailed the city about placing signs in our neighbourhood to caution drivers that there is a child with autism in the area. I promptly heard back within an hour that the work order had been placed. Today, less than three weeks later, our signs were installed! Just one more way we can alert others about our boy and try to keep him as safe as possible.
Last week I also enrolled him into an autism registry that our local police department has. It was a thorough survey that needed to be completed in order to help the police if Ledger was in trouble, upset, or god forbid, lost. I answered questions about his appearance, his favourite places, and specific actions that make calm him down.
Just having these two tasks completed, makes me feel a little more comfortable that I am doing my job to keep our boy safe. 💙



Today was better than yesterday! He still had his shrieking moments, but he may have caught on to the fact that mommy doesn’t hear those high pitched shrieks. In all honesty they actually make my spine vibrate and my ears ring, but I pretend not to hear them. When he doesn’t get a reaction he tries other ways to get my attention, like pulling my hand to take me to what he wants or using one or two words to tell me what he wants. Either way is a million times better than shrieking.
Rehab is going well! Yes, we’ve put Ledger into an iPad addiction program. It’s called “Don’t Give In” and most days it’s as hard on me as it is on him. Sure the iPad can be beneficial for him, but he can’t quite grasp the concept of ‘in moderation’ yet. And when he crawls out of bed, runs to my room, pulls my hand and screams “PAD!!” then I think it’s time for a little bit of intervention haha. It has been two days and today his reaction wasn’t as bad as it has been. Be careful, iPad withdrawal can be scary!!
Anyways, after the previous post of one of our struggling days I thought I would add a positive post today. Today was better than yesterday…let’s hope I can say the same tomorrow 🙂

One (or two or ten) of those days

I’m sure all kids have their days…Let me rephrase that…I know all kids have their days. Even as adults we have our days! Ledger had been having his days…I think. The thing about non verbal children is that you can’t tell whether they are hurt, upset, not feeling well, tired, or just ‘having one of those days’. He seems to finally be feeling better after his cold but he is totally off. And it’s not a fun off…
He has been very easily agitated, especially by Tucker. He will scream at a deathly pitch and become very angry. You can see it in his eyes. Tears swell up on the lower lids but very rarely fall. He will throw himself on the floor. He will flap his hands against any hard surface looking for an outlet of his frustration. He doesn’t want squishes, hugs or even a snack to distract him. He needs something to release the tension that is building up inside. I can’t interrupt him because if I do then the aggression turns on me and although his poor little hands and wrists must be hurting, I chose for him to hit the surface rather than seek satisfaction in hitting a person.
We have been trying the medication for the hyper activity and maybe that is what is making him so agitated. We are hoping it’s a phase. And praying it will pass. For Tucker’s sake, for our sake, for Ledger’s sake…