Family Day

So unlike some of the other provinces in our great country, NB does not celebrate Family Day! ¬†Boo ūüė¶ It would be an excuse that my husband would have to take a day off to play with us! haha He loves to work, and lately he has been working a lot thanks to all this crazy snow! ¬†Yesterday, however, he took the day and spent it with me and the boys! ¬†I love when all four of us are together more than anything else is the world. ¬†We started the morning by taking Ledger to his intervention. ¬†Then he took Tucker and I out for breakfast, where Tucker had his first taste of honeydew and cantaloupe melon; of course he loved it – not much we haven’t found that he doesn’t like! ¬†Then we got some munchies for Jeff’s upcoming NASCAR Daytona 500 party this Sunday. ¬†As if I’m not already out numbered, Sunday there will be even more boys in the man cave/toy room. ¬†Yup, that’s right…my husband has a man cave (and it’s sweet) but he shares it with his two favourite little people and about every toy the boys could ever want! ¬†

Back to the day…we came home and had some lunch, watched a great hockey game that moves Canada into the Gold Metal game at the Olympics, Tucker laid down for a nap, so then we bundled up Ledger to take him outside… what a workout! ¬†In our backyard there has to be three feet of snow! ¬†It was next to impossible to even play out there because we were nearly knee deep in that white stuff! ¬†Ledger didn’t care though! ¬†He giggled his way over to his play ground where he lost his hat and boots. ¬†Didn’t seem to both him, but he was playing in the snow without boots on for a solid 5 minutes. ¬†He tried to go on his swing but didn’t have much luck since the snow was touching the bottom of the swing! haha ¬†We bribed him to come in with a muffin ( comon, you’ve all done it!) just in time for our little Tucker to wake up. ¬†We made some supper and spent the evening playing with the boys downstairs. ¬†

Tucker went to bed easily at 7:00 but Ledger was still very relaxed and enjoying his time in his swing. ¬†No we didn’t go back outside…we have a swing in our basement and I would highly recommend it to any of you who have the space. ¬†It is so soothing to him. ¬†Hands down – his favorite activity! ¬†Check it out here: ¬†We eventually got Ledger to come upstairs for bed around 8:00 and he shuffled like a zombie to his room.

Jeff and I enjoyed the rest of our evening by forgetting about the messy “Toy Cave” and relaxed on the couch with a corny movie on Netflix. ¬†I don’t think I let him know enough, how much I appreciate the time he spends with the boys and I. ¬†Somedays I feel like a single mom, trying to keep my head above the water with a husband who works long hours, a 7 month old baby, and a 4 year old with autism. ¬†There are days I can go all day long talking to my boys, but never hearing a word back in return. ¬†I don’t get the sense of being a super mom, because I do get frustrated…I do have breakdowns…I do feel like I’m in over my head…but Family days seem to ease my mind, and bring me back to that place that I always wanted to be…and that’s a wife to a loving husband and a mom, to two beautiful boys who are both so sweet and perfect in their own little ways.


Look at how blessed I am…. ‚̧ ¬†


Happy Valentines Day!

Happy valentines day everyone! Yes, and even to those of you who think it’s a lame and over rated holiday. Comon, you don’t need to pay a fortune on your sweetheart, and yes, everyday should be full of love, but just look at it as a reason to get together with the people you care about!

Last night, my husband was out working all night thanks to our lovely maritime weather. So this morning, while he tried to catch up on sleep, I tried to keep our boys relatively quiet. Not an easy task with a 7 month old and a highly energetic 4 year old with autism! We had breakfast complete with heart shaped toast, we got dressed in red and gave lots of hugs, kisses and cuddles to each other. As I’ve told you before, my 4 year old doesn’t really like to cuddle haha so we accept and encourage lots of high fives in our house! It may seem like something simple to the rest of you, but that simple gesture really means a lot when it happens between our two boys!

Just like a simple high five, we try to keep holidays as simple as we can. That certainly doesn’t mean we don’t decorate or celebrate because I love to do both!! Holidays are definitely different when you through autism into the mix, but along with autism, my oldest also has allergies. He’s allergic to peanuts, milk, and eggs. So holidays aren’t full of typical treats and snacks, but creativity and new recipes! Lol they’re not always successful either!! I made him some strawberry cupcakes last night and they are actually pretty good! Here’s the recipe if you’d like to try them. Also, rather than sugary sweets, our boys gave some different types valentines to their cousins this year…gotta love ideas from Pinterest!
I hope you enjoy your valentines day! I’m off to spend it with my husband, who’s now awake, and our two little heart breakers!




Tomorrow our baby boy will be 7 months old – where does the time go?? ¬†Seriously, it feels like yesterday we were bringing our oldest in to the hospital to meet his new little brother! ¬†As the time flies, I am starting to worry about a sitter. ¬†Seriously, is anyone ever good enough to leave your own kids with? ¬†I feel like I’m looking for someone who probably doesn’t even exist. ¬†Not to mention, our situation is a little different than the “norm” – hate that word. ¬†

So I’ve put it out there that I’m looking for a Nanny. ¬†It would be ideal! ¬†Wanted: A Nanny to work 3 days a week in our home. ¬†That’s right, 3 days! ¬†It certainly makes it a little easier to go back to work knowing that I am only going back for three days a week. ¬†When our boy got his diagnosis, I cut my time back so that I could be the one to run him back and forth to intervention for two days a week. ¬†I didn’t want to be the invisible parent that works all the time and doesn’t have time to be part of their child’s life. ¬†On my three days at work, my mom and my mother-in-law would take him back and forth to his intervention. ¬†Thank god for close families…not sure how we would ever be able to do this without so much awesome support to help us out!

Wow, I got off topic…back to the nanny! ¬†So how do I advertise for a nanny? ¬†Do I give all of the information at once? ¬†Do I put the ad out there, then wait for a reply, and then fill them in with all the necessary information? ¬†I put it out there….Wanted: Nanny to care for our two children, 3 days a week, in our home. ¬†It’s what we need. ¬†We need someone to come to the house. ¬†I have to leave by 6:45 in the morning because of my commute and my early start time. ¬†So within the job description, I include hours approximately 6:30-4:30. ¬†I am usually home before 4:30 but in case I have a meeting or extra work to catch up on I gave myself a good buffer. ¬†So I’ve had a few replies…one lady seemed sweet – but only offered in her own home as she has a daughter herself and would need to be home by 3:30 for her. ¬†A few more were only 18, and I’m very hesitant to go that route. ¬†Ideally I would like a trained ASW (Autism Support Worked) who is experienced, patient, fun, trustworthy and loving. ¬†Unfortunately, anyone who has that type of training probably doesn’t want to work for only 3 days a week. ¬† ¬†¬†

Staying home is not an option, although it would be a dream…my boys are my world. ¬†Even on our toughest days, I still go to sleep with a wondering smile on my face, as I look forward to the challenges that tomorrow will bring from my two little blessings. ¬† ¬†